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Whether you’re new to therapy or have years of treatment experience, making the decision to seek help is not always easy. Often, we are forced to seek help when the emotional suffering becomes too overwhelming or when past attempts at other forms of coping have not been successful. My goal is to help you regain control over intense emotions, reduce problematic behaviors, and develop a connection to yourself and community.

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I work with each client to develop an individualized treatment plan that identifies behaviors and emotions they want to see increase or decrease. You will track these behaviors and emotions using a DBT Diary Card throughout the week and we will review them in our weekly sessions. This helps us to identify which DBT skills would be beneficial to learn and practice in order to help meet your therapeutic goals.

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Your family and I will use a Structural Family Therapy approach to identifying the healthy/effective communication patterns from the more disruptive/ineffective ones and will “re-structure” the way your family interacts and relates to each other. The change in structure allows for stronger relationships and healthier boundaries.

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Skills group is an important part of DBT treatment that is focused on learning the actual DBT skills. We work from Dr. Marsha Linehan’s DBT Skills Training with accompanying worksheets for weekly homework.


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